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What is in-salon hair treatment and do you need one?

Salon treatments are designed to moisturise the hair from the inside out, restore and protect your scalp and boost hair growth. Read on to explore the variety of treatments and find the perfect one for your hair type.

Salon hair treatment

What is the difference between salon and in-home treatments?

Salon hair treatments are made with high-quality non-toxic ingredients. Based on your hair type and health, the professional hairdresser will decide on the application technique, timing and amount of product. Applying salon treatments at home can be dangerous because you may burn the scalp or ruin your colour.

Salon hair treatment
Salon hair treatment

Home treatments are relatively inexpensive because they are made of cheaper ingredients. They can slightly improve your hair’s condition for a short period of time, but we don’t recommend using it more often than once a month. When applied regularly, there's a risk that your scalp pores will be blocked, which may lead to irritation and dryness.

Types of hair treatments

The salon deep conditioning treatment consists of head massage, soaking and application of various hair masks. This treatment removes product buildup, hydrates your scalp and cures broken cuticles that are responsible for keeping your hair strong and moisturised.

The in-salon deep conditioning hair treatment
Deep conditioning hair treatment

SPA mist hair treatment uses ultra sound to generate mist and from purified water to restore dry and dull hair. This mist allows the product to penetrate to your hair cuticle and hydrate it to the core. The treatment nourishes, moisturises and conditions colour treated and damaged hair, resulting in healthy and youthful hair.

Spa Mist hair treatment in London
Spa Mist hair treatment

The Olaplex hair treatments are best friends of those who dye their hair regularly. Created on a bond-building formula, it repairs even extremely damaged hair. The salon Olaplex treatment consists of 2 steps: the first one is mixed with your bleach to soften the aggressive chemicals, and the second is applied during final wash after the dye.

Olaplex hair treatment
Olaplex hair treatment

Scalp treatments are aimed to regenerate scalp’s surface and promote hair growth. They are recommended if you experience hair loss, dandruff, itchy and red scalp. During the treatment, the hairdresser uses products that contain antioxidants, peppermint oil and botanicals.

La Biosthetique Scalp treatment
La Biosthetique Scalp treatment

How often should I get the salon hair treatments?

Think about facials - how often do you get one? It’s pretty much the same for the hair. The deep conditioning and SPA mist treatments should be applied every 2 or 3 weeks, but even once a month would make a huge difference to your hair.

Salon hair treatment

You should also consider conditioning treatment 1 week before colouring to prepare hair’s surface for chemicals. Scalp treatments are normally applied very often to restore the scalp, and then once in a month or two to prevent further problems.

Come for a treatment (see the price list) if you have dry and frizzy hair, clogged pores and irritated scalp. We will carefully examine your hair and choose the effective remedy to solve your situation.

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