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Dry hair causes and remedies

Dry hair remedies
Dry hair remedies

When you were 15, you have been an Invincible Hair Hero. You could use the cheapest shampoo from a supermarket or an old burnt curling tong, and yet your hair would look gorgeous. Your body was producing a lot of natural oils that protected your scalp and moisturized the hair. However, with age your scalp started producing less sebum and your hair become dry and brittle. If there isn’t enough moisture, along with the dry hair, you may also get a flaky and itchy scalp.

A healthy scalp routine

Healthy scalp advice
Healthy scalp advice

1. Massage it to increase blood circulation.

2. Comb the hair every day with a high-quality brush.

3. Wash your hair the salon way.

It’s time to get rid of drugstore products that create unhealthy buildup and block the natural oils. Switch to a quality shampoo and conditioner that will allow your scalp to breathe.

Why your hair is dry?

Dry hair reasons
Dry hair reasons

The other reason for the dry hair is damaged protection layer. When the cuticle is broken, your hair won't keep all the applied and produced moisture. Here's why it may happen:

A hot dry air from central heating isn’t just a perfect environment for viruses, but also the reason for split hair cuticle. Such air absorbs all the healthy oils from your scalp, hair and skin. Get air humidifier to add the moisture or open the windows at least once a day.

Hair products that contain several types of alcohol can also take the moisture away, especially sprays and styling products. Ingredients that start with “prop” would definitely dry your hair. Keep in mind that some alcohols are safe, such as stearyl and cetyl alcohol.

Tomoyuki&Co’s favourite dry hair remedies

Jojoba oil will give your scalp a very good moisture and may cure dry scalp conditions. Add a few drops of jojoba oil to your shampoo or massage it to your roots.

SPA mist is the innovative and effective hair treatment that just arrived in London. We apply a professional hair product and cover your head with a steam cap. The cap creates the mist that penetrates hair cuticles and locks the moisture inside. At Tomoyuki&Co we have a range of SPA mist treatments - you can start with Deep Conditioning SPA mist, and just come for quick Express sessions once a month to maintain good hair condition.

Hair treatment
A client of Tomoyuki&Co after the treatment

Add Avocado to your list of foods for healthy hair and also apply as a hair mask. Mash the avocado, mix with some olive oil and apply on your scalp and hair.

It’s always better to prevent the damage, rather than try finding cures for dry hair. But there’s always a solution! Most hair can be restored with the right treatments, habits and products. Keep it balanced!

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