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How to wash your hair salon style

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

So how do we wash your hair in the salon? Tomoyuki shares the Japanese hair washing routine that will improve your hairs condition without any additional products or treatments. 

Healthy hair after wash in London salon
Our client's gorgeous hair after colour, wash and blow dry

Hair washing technique

Quality washing should take about 12 minutes - the same time we wash your hair in the salon:

1. Gently comb your hair to untangle the knots.

2. Wet your hair with warm water before applying a shampoo. The ideal water temperature is 39 degrees.

Japanese hair washing routine

If the temperature is too high, you will wash out the healthy oil from your scalp.

Did you know that the human scalp is three times dirtier than our face skin? And 80% of dirt can be washed away with just water. So try to spend twice as much time as you usually spend on rinsing. If your hair gets enough hydration, you will also need less shampoo to create a good lather. As a result, your scalp will get fewer chemicals + your favourite shampoo will last longer. 

3. Use the palms of your hands to massage a shampoo into your scalp. Start from the back of your head and create very fine bubbles. Such gentle application will ensure your hair’s cuticle is not damaged. This is especially important if you use "high street" shampoos with high detergency. We recommend investing in a high quality shampoo that doesn't create the build up on your hair and designed particularly for your hair type. If you wet your hair properly, you will only need a small amount of such shampoo.

LaBiosthetique Anti-Frizz buy in UK salon
Pick of the month: LaBiosthetique Anti-Frizz that soothes stubborn hair which is especially useful during winter season

4. Gently massage your scalp with fingertips, but don’t scratch it with nails.

5. If you have medium or long hair, spread the foam throughout the length. Don't scrub the ends as it's easy to damage them.

6. Rinse your hair and don’t forget about the areas behind your ears, on the back of your neck and the hairline. Spend at least 3 minutes on that.

7. Drain your hair and brush gently. Apply treatment or conditioner throughout the length avoiding the root area. Leave it for some time.

8. Rinse hair thoroughly again to to remove all the buildup and dirt.

9. Dry your scalp and hair properly using mild temperature of your hair dryer. Bacteria loves dirt from the scalp and dump environment, so make sure your scalp is fully dry before you go out. 

How to wash hair salon style

Try to make these rules your regular hair routine. After some time, you will notice that the hair become stronger and shinier, and your scalp is healthier.



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